Hang on a sec, isn't there already one of these Secret Santa things for Book Bloggers?

There is a site called the Book Blogger Holiday Swap which is the only one I know of and it's international - book bloggers from all over the world can participate in exchanging gifts over Christmas.  I have taken part for the past couple of years but after chatting to friends and fellow UK book bloggers, the overwhelming feeling was that they wanted a UK only Secret Santa and one that only involved YA book bloggers.  It's difficult when the person you are buying for is a book blogger and only reads non fiction for example and likewise, if they know nothing about YA books.

Aren't you just copying the Holiday Swap?

The Secret Santa idea is not mutually exclusive and I don't quite see it that way.  As I said, I have taken part in the Holiday Swap for the past two years and I want to thank them for organising it in the first place as I really enjoy giving gifts at Christmas.  This is an extension of that for a niche market - UKYA book bloggers. 

How can I participate?

The Secret Santa is open to all UKYA book bloggers who have been blogging for 3 months or more.  

What do I have to do?

Follow the blog and sign up using the Mr Linky gadget (there is a post entitled SIGN UPS).

Is there a deadline to sign up by?

Yes, there has to be a deadline so that there is time to organise everything.  The deadline to sign up is 8th November and after this date, we cannot accept any more participants for the current year.

How does this work?

Once you have signed up, I will e mail you and ask for more information about your preferences and then you will be matched up with another blogger and you will be their Secret Santa.   Someone else will be your Secret Santa as if you just exchanged gifts with each other, it wouldn't be a secret!   You will receive an e mail no later than 20th November.

What is this going to cost me?

The minimum spend is £20 and if you want to spend more you can but there has to be a minimum to ensure fairness.  On top of the cost of the gift, obviously there are postage costs and you should send it via trackable post (e.g. recorded delivery).  Whilst this costs more, it ensures that you have evidence that you've sent a gift and if anything goes wrong, it can be tracked.

Who will I be secret santa to?

The process is completely random and should be anonymous otherwise it wouldn't be a secret! As the administrator, I will be the only person who knows who is matched up with whom and my lips are sealed.  If you want to disclose your identity AFTER Christmas, then that is up to you.  

Who will be my Secret Santa?

See above. 

When do I send my gift?

You can send it anytime from when you have the information of who your Secret Santa will be although Christmas etiquette suggests that you might want to wait until at least the beginning of December when people actually have a Christmas tree to put the gift under.  Don't forget to check the last posting dates for 2012 which can be found here.

What do I do when I receive my gift?

Write a post about it on your blog, thanking your Secret Santa.  We'd also love to know who got what so there will be a chance to link your blog posts when the time comes.

What if I don't receive anything?

We will be keeping records of everything and those who do not play fair will not be able to sign up for future Secret Santa's.  This is why when you sign up, you agree to send the gift by TRACKABLE post.

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